Walker Wildmon: Muslims Who Denounce Islamic Terrorism Could Just Be Practicing Taqiyya

The hosts of American Family Radio’s “Today’s Issues” radio program spent a good portion of the broadcast this morning discussing reports of a recent attack in London in which a driver plowed a van into a group of Muslims who were leaving their mosque after worship.

The hosts—AFA president Tim Wildmon, his son and assistant Walker, AFA vice president Ed Vitagliano and AFR reporter Steve Jordahl—wondered if the attack was “the beginning of civil war” as people who are “angry at ISIS and terrorist attacks” begin to “start targeting Muslims” for retribution.

One of the key difficulties, Walker Wildmon suggested, is that moderate Muslims do not do enough to “take a hard public stance against” terrorist attacks carried out by Islamic militants in order to assure society that not all Muslims are violent jihadis. And even when Muslims denounce violence, he said, nobody knows whether to believe them because Islam supports the practice of “taqiyya,” which allows Muslims to lie in order to advance their radical goals.

Even though Muslim leaders widely denounced last month’s suicide bombing in Manchester last month, Wildmon suggested “that could be too late because another problem with this is in the Quran, they’re called to lie to advance what they believe” so it’s impossible to know if those who decry Islamic terrorism actually mean it.