Voter Fraud at Liberty University?

Considering that Republicans are up in arms over allegations of “voter fraud” or, more accurately “voter registration fraud,” we assume that they’ll soon be turning the attention to Virginia where, as we last month, Jerry Falwell Jr. set out to register the entire student body at Liberty University, in hopes of being the “college that elected a president.”

It turns out that Liberty registered some 4,000+ new voters, but that a lot of the new registrations were illegible, incomplete, or otherwise ineligible:

Disappointment, however, could await an estimated 200 to 300 people whose handwriting on their voter applications was so illegible or incomplete that registrar’s office personnel couldn’t find them to fix their information … Board member John Falcone said workers who processed the flood of applications told him many of the illegible forms came from Liberty University students, however [Patricia Bower, Lynchburg’s registrar] said there’s no way to tell whether those forms came from Liberty, because they show addresses in California or several other states.

Of course it’s impossible to tell if they came from Liberty since all the addresses are from other states.That’s exactly the problem. But unless there was another organization conducting a massive voter registration drive in Lynchburg to get out-of-state students to register in Virginia, it’s probably safe to assume that these forms came from Liberty.