Vitter Back In the Right’s Good Graces

Over the last few months, we wrote a handful of posts about how Sen. David Vitter was hard at work sealing off his right flank in an attempt to shut down any potential primary challenge he might face because of his past involvement with a prostitution ring.

Among those who considered mounting such a challenge was Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, who toyed with the idea for a while before announcing that he would not seek to unseat Vitter.

With that awkward unpleasantness behind them, Perkins can now focus on helping Vitter restore his reputation among the Religious Right, which he started doing last week by inviting Vitter onto his Washington Watch Weekly radio program to discuss … wait for it … HHS nominee Kathleen Sebelius’s supposed “ethical problems”:

On this week’s edition of Washington Watch Weekly: The nomination of Governor Kathleen Sebelius for Secretary of Health and Human Services as head of the largest cabinet department should be troubling not only to pro-life Americans but to every American who cares about integrity and accountability within government. Senator David Vitter joins me to discuss her ethical problems and actions you can take to stop her nomination.

That’s right – Perkins and FRC invited David Vitter on to discuss “ethical problems” … not his, mind you, but Sebelius’s.

The discussion itself was not really all that interesting, with the exception of Perkins’ introduction to the segment:

Is someone whose integrity is clearly in question fit to guarantee the integrity of the largest, and some would say the most important, domestic agency of the federal government?  Well, Senator David Vitter of Louisiana joins me after the break [to discuss this question].

I guess that FRC thinks that if you are going to be discussing “someone whose integrity is clearly in question,” who better to have that discussion with than someone like Vitter, whose integrity is clearly in question.