Vitagliano: Gays Are Uncivilized

Today on Focal Point, the American Family Association’s research director Ed Vitagliano told Bryan Fischer that gay men are naturally uncivilized. Vitagliano is no stranger to antigay rhetoric and even co-produced a film that starred an ‘ex-gay’ leader, who was later revealed to have been secretly having sex with other men. Vitagliano told Fischer that the reason “promiscuity in the male homosexual community” is rampant is because gay men can never be civilized if they don’t marry women, as “there is no civilizing influence in their lives.”


Vitagliano: There’s an old expression, I don’t know who said it first, that marriage civilizes men. I firmly believe according to God’s plan the race was created male and female and any man would say and any woman would say that their spouse is different. Men are different from women. And God intended those differences to work, not only to bind together the other, but change them as well and alter what was given as a gift, for example, the male desire to go out and conquer and to wander. I think that is part of the makeup of a man, but marriage helps to channel those things in a constructive way. I believe that’s why there’s so much promiscuity in the male homosexual community, because they’re two men who behave the same way and there is no civilizing influence in their lives.