Vision America Can’t Decide If It Likes “Friends of God”

Vision America is angry about the new Alexandra Pelosi documentary “Friends of God,” a documentary airing on HBO that takes a look at the evangelical movement and, as the New York Times stated, serves as a “colorful reminder of how George W. Bush became president, why Fox News has the highest ratings of any 24-hour cable news network and why Democrats didn’t win an even greater landslide in the 2006 elections.”

Vision America’s Rick Scarborough reportedly appears in the documentary and is not happy about it:

The special, directed by Alexandra Pelosi (daughter of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi), focuses on every oddity imaginable — including “Christian wrestling” and “Christian miniature golf” — to make 80 million Americans from all walks of life seem freakish.

“I wasn’t even aware that such things existed until someone alerted me that I was in the documentary and I began investigating it,” Scarborough said.

“If you choose to watch ‘Friends of God,’ understand that what you are seeing is an attempt to denigrate evangelical Christians. Take it for what it is — a cleverly packaged assault, designed to undermine the valuable contributions to our country of 80 million Bible-believing Americans,” Scarborough cautioned.

Scarborough “wasn’t even aware” of the Pelosi documentary?  Well, others at Vision America obviously were, judging by this giant announcement on their website:


If “Friends of God” is nothing but an “attempt to denigrate evangelical Christians,” why is Vision America trumpeting Scarborough’s involvement and providing its supporters with info on scheduling?