Virginia Congressional Candidate Cynthia Dunbar Tells Far-Right Preacher God Didn’t Intend Government To Care For The Needy

On Wednesday, Religious Right activist Cynthia Dunbar joined Donald Trumpobsessed right-wing preacher Lance Wallnau for a Facebook discussion of her campaign for Congress in Virginia.

During the discussion, Dunbar explained that congressional candidates in Virginia are chosen not by primary elections but rather by nominating conventions organized by the political parties. As such, Dunbar said, it is very easy for conservative Christians to have a dramatic influence on picking the Republican Party’s nominees because instead of candidates needing to convince enough voters to support them to win the primary, candidates simply need to stack the convention with delegates who will vote for them.

“This is a race that could be completely controlled by the Christian vote,” Dunbar said. “There could be theoretically only two to three thousand people showing up—they have to pre-file to be a delegate—but if they pre-file to be a delegate and show up at the convention and vote, you could have, if you have a majority vote, it could be only 1,000 to 2,000 people, 1,500 people, actually selecting the next congressman in the Sixth [District].”

Dunbar, who has been campaigning with Sen. Ted Cruz’s father Rafael Cruz, said that her district is so conservative that whoever wins the Republican nomination is almost guaranteed to be elected to Congress and “so it could be very, very much controlled by the Christians.”

Dunbar went on to share her view that the proper biblical role for government is that it should have no role in providing for those in need, as that is a task that God has assigned to the church.

“We have to realize that when we hand that [task] over to an ungodly government, without a heart, without a soul, that is not how God intended it to be done,” she said.

Wallnau agreed, saying that when you allow the government to expand beyond the sphere assigned to it by God, “you are actually empowering darkness to have authorization to control your life.”