Victim of Rand Paul’s Goon Squad Attack Speaks Out

Lauren Valle, the 23-year old activist who was assaulted by supporters of Rand Paul, who threw her to the ground and stomped on her head, is now speaking out about her experience:

“They tried to grab me and chased me around Rand Paul’s car,” she said of the politician’s supporters.” And once I’m in front of the car, they take me down…I remembered someone stomping my head in the ground.”

Video of the incident shows Valle tripping after someone ripped a blond wig off her head. She is then wrestled to a curb by one man. After she is placed face down, another man stomps on her shoulder and head. Valle said she instinctively got into the fetal position and covered her head with her hands.

“I think I saved myself from further injury,” she said.

Before the melee, Alex Giblin, a 24-year-old volunteer with MoveOn, told the Daily News he heard one of Paul’s supporters say”We might have to take someone down.”

Valle was later taken to a hospital, where doctors told her she suffered from a concussion.

It is the latest sign of the Tea Party getting out of control: Joe Miller’s security force arrested a reporter for asking questions, a Sharron Angle supporter punched a female Democrat during a forum, and Allen West’s campaign used the “Outlaw” motorcycle biker gang to intimidate his rival’s campaign workers.

People For the American Way today released an online compilation of Rand Paul “in his own words,” detailing his far-right ideas and agenda. While Paul presents a callous and reactionary future for the country, his Tea Party thugs violently try to silence protesters.