VCY America Spreads Fear of Mormon ‘Overthrow of the United States Government’

We keep hearing from conservative activists that progressives are fueling anti-Mormon sentiments, even though attacks on the Mormon faith mainly come from the Religious Right. Today on Voice of Christian Youth America’s Crosstalk, Jim Schneider hosted Tricia Erickson, a former Mormon and author of Can Mitt Romney Serve Two Masters: The Mormon Church versus the Office of The Presidency of The United States of America.

Erickson has previously appeared on other conservative Christian radio programs including Focal Point with Bryan Fischer and The Steve Deace Show, and told Schneider that a Mormon president would be bound to the dictates of the Mormon prophet “even if those mandates go against our nation” and that Mormons are seeking the “millennial overthrow of the United States government.” Crosstalk is no stranger to promoting anti-Mormon beliefs, as host Vic Eliason once warned listeners against supporting Mitt Romney because “we might have a president who would suddenly evacuate the White House and go to another planet and become a God!”

Schneider: Are you suggesting Tricia that if Mitt Romney is elected President of the United States that there is an allegiance to the Mormon Church that would supersede his oath to the United States or the Constitution of the United States?

Erickson: Absolutely…. As president of the United States, Mitt would have less authority than that of the living prophet of the Mormon Church, he is therefore no matter his position as leader of our nation subject to the prophet and to his orders and to his mandates, even if those mandates go against our nation.

Erickson: The political machinery of the priesthood of the Mormon Church is named the Kingdom of God and/or the Government of God, and the goal of the Mormon Church, through the Mormon Kingdom of God, is to bring the United States government, this is true, under the rule of the priesthood, the Mormon priesthood. Mormons believe that they are the only true church, all other religions are false, and their main objective is to be ready when the time comes for the millennial reign by having their leaders ready to rule or already in key places of authority and power. Their ultimate goal is better serve their agenda by being able to rule and govern before the millennium actually takes place and the Mormon Church and its corporate empire, assets and resources will be the chief element in the millennial overthrow of the United States government.