VA Gov. McDonnell Will Display Catholic League Nativity Scene

Earlier this week, Bill Donohue and the Catholic League announced that they had sent out a “Holy Family Nativity Scene” to all of the nation’s 50 governors asking them to display it in the Capitol Rotunda as part of an effort to counter the “atheists [who] are out in force this year trying to neuter Christmas.”

And apparently Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell is eager to play his part, though he will be displaying it in the Governor’s Mansion instead of the Capitol: 

The Catholic League’s manger will find shelter in the Executive Mansion … Gov. Bob McDonnell, a practicing Catholic, has received the league’s tabletop crèche and intends to incorporate it in his holiday display in the Executive Mansion. He said this week that a Nativity scene is traditionally part of his family’s holiday décor.

Catholic League President Bill Donohue asked the nation’s governors to display the scene in their capitols alongside any secular symbols, such as a Christmas tree, this coming holiday season.

In an interview yesterday, Donohue said he is happy that McDonnell embraced the gift and plans to display it in the mansion. He still would like to see it added to any other holiday display in the Capitol.

“We would prefer the most public spot possible, but the fact that it would be displayed anyplace would be suitable enough for us,” he said.