TVC: Nobody Does Anti-Gay Fearmongering Better

When it comes to ginning up anti-gay opposition, few can hold a candle to the Traditional Values Coalition:

ENDA is a direct assault on the constitutionally guaranteed free exercise of religion. This means that you can have a belief in your heart but not practice it.

It is key legislation favored by the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) lobby to gain federally-protected minority status for sexual behaviors that most Americans consider bizarre or abnormal … ENDA will force businesses, public schools (pre-kindergarten through 12th grade), as well as Christian entities such as religious broadcasters, Christian bookstores, etc., to accommodate the sexual practices of cross-dressers, drag queens, transsexuals, and even she-males (individuals who undergo only a partial sex change operation). Will private Christian entities such as camps, pre-schools, grade and high schools, be forced to hire she-males? Under ENDA it is likely.

Make no mistake about it: ENDA will also directly target public schools and help fuel the LGBT agenda on campuses. Imagine a school teacher telling students he’s returning the next year as a woman. Will parents be free to opt their children out of a transsexual’s class? NO. Parents are already prevented from doing so by a similar law in California. Additionally, a recent Massachusetts court decision jailed a parent who disagreed with homosexual teaching in his child’s elementary school. Will children who are offended be considered bigots who need re-education? Probably, yes.

ENDA will federalize the sexual insanity taking place in California schools – thanks to a LGBT-dominated legislature and compliant governor. Children in California schools are captive to the LGBT political agenda. If ENDA passes, transsexuals, drag queens, cross-dressers and she-males will be federally-protected minority groups and can freely exploit our nation’s public school kids.

ENDA is proposing newly invented rights for individuals who engage in a variety of bizarre sex acts. ENDA pits constitutional rights of religious freedom and free speech against individuals who cross-dress or engage in dangerous sexual activities.

Seriously, what is TVC’s obsession with “she-males”? The term appears on their website more than 100 times. You know how many times it appears on RightWingWatch? Once, and that comes from a post quoting, you guessed it, TVC.