Turek Intensifies His Attacks on Gays and Lesbians

Frank Turek continues to claim that he keeps losing consulting jobs simply because of his opposition to marriage equality, without noting that he is a hard line anti-gay activist who closely works with ultraconservative groups like the Oak Initiative and the American Family Association. Turek says that his social beliefs have nothing to do with his role as a workplace “team-building” speaker, even though he offers stinging criticism of workplace diversity programs.

While speaking with Janet Parshall on In The Market yesterday, Turek went on another anti-gay tirade after a caller named Andy asked him whether people were born gay and about homosexuality and bisexuality among animals. Turek said that animal sexuality wasn’t pertinent, asking, “There’s a lot of animals who eat their young, should we do that as well?” He went on to criticize the “born this way” mentality, saying, “We’re all born with an orientation toward bad behavior.” Turek claims that in the same way society shouldn’t tolerate someone born with the predisposition for gay bashing, we shouldn’t help gays and lesbians who want the right to marry.


Turek: First of all they haven’t found a gay gene but even if they had, are you saying that animal behavior should be the standard for human behavior? If so Andy, there’s a lot of animals who eat their young, should we do that as well?

Parshall: Let me go back to the point Andy, because I think what happens is sometimes things get picked up and they get folded into the secular press and the next think we know we think it’s inspired in ex cathedra and its absolute truth. Frank let’s clear the air about this idea of the discovery of the gay gene, there has been no substantiation that there has been the discovery of a gay gene, correct?

Turek: No but even if there was it would be irrelevant. We’re all born with an orientation toward bad behavior, but because I’m born with an orientation toward bad behavior that doesn’t mean I ought to engage in that behavior. If I’m born with a predisposition to anger and I start bashing gays and a gay person says to me, or a person who wants to engage in homosexual acts says to me, ‘well you ought not do that’ and I say ‘don’t blame me I just have the anti-gay gene.’ What would they say? They would say ‘no you must resist that.’

We all have things we ought not act on, we all have desires that we ought not act on. The worst thing we can do is say, look I was born with this desire or I learned it as a child and even though I know it leads to destructive behavior I ought to do it and you have to not only accept that you have to endorse it by taking my behavior and enshrining it by government endorsement by calling it marriage.