Tucker Carlson: Anyone Who Points Out White Privilege ‘Is By Definition A Racist’

Last week, Fox News pundit Tucker Carlson chatted with bizarre conspiracy theorist Alex Jones about the media’s coverage of race and LGBT issues in the 2016 election.

“Anyone who alleges the white privilege is, by definition, a racist,” Carlson said. “I think we can say that and we should say that. That’s not a legitimate form of conversation. That’s tarring an entire group based on the way they look. That’s the definition of racism and I think people should stand up and say that because it’s true.”

Carlson also took issue with Hillary Clinton’s call to allow undocumented immigrants to purchase health insurance plans, but without subsidies, on Obamacare exchanges, saying that it proves that President Obama lied when he said undocumented immigrants were not eligible to participate in the marketplaces. Of course, this proves the opposite of Carlson’s point, seeing that Clinton wants to change the existing prohibition.

But that didn’t stop him from claiming that Rep. Joe Wilson, who shouted “you lie” when President Obama spoke about the issue to Congress, was completely vindicated. “Joe Wilson was right,” he said. “They did lie, they’ve pulled off the masking and they’re admitting that they want to give federal benefits to [unlawful immigrants].” Jones then insisted that the health care law instituted “death panels.”

Carlson went on to laughably claim that conservatives like himself were initially very welcoming of an Obama presidency because it would create racial unity, only to find out that “he has been the most racially, explicitly and intentionally, racially divisive president that we’ve ever had by a factor of I don’t know how much.” 

The conversation then turned to trans issues, with Carlson blasting liberals for supporting trans rights and embracing “anything that is perverse or unattractive or unhealthy or mean or against normal people.”

Carlson’s Skype connection broke up while Jones was ranting about how we have “become planet tranny,” which of course led Jones to suspect that something sinister was afoot. “I guess you say ‘planet tranny’ and the Skype breaks up,” he said. “You’re not allowed to say that.”