Trump Official Warned That ‘Satanic’ Elites Run The World, ‘Islamic Invasion’ Creating ‘Mongrel Culture’

President Trump is elevating yet another far-right activist in his administration. Ben Penn of Bloomberg BNA reports today that former WorldNetDaily correspondent Curtis Ellis is a contender to run the Department of Labor’s Bureau of International Labor Affairs.

“The little-known deputy undersecretary position at ILAB is considered an essential piece of the White House push to restore U.S. manufacturing jobs by cracking down on labor abuses overseas,” Penn writes. “Ellis is currently part of the Labor Department’s beachhead team and is overseeing the department’s trade policy. He has already been attending ILAB meetings and representing the bureau to foreign governments as a temporary political appointee.”

Ellis has written in the past that Democrats are trying to literally exterminate white workers as part of “the radical left’s ethnic cleansing of America,” likened Democratic policies to those of Pol Pot, and compared Barack Obama’s economic agenda to Joseph Stalin’s liquidation of the kulaks.

Along with WorldNetDaily, Ellis also has ties to Breitbart, the outlet formerly run by Trump’s chief strategist Stephen Bannon.

In an interview last year with “Trunews” host Rick Wiles, Ellis reflected many of Bannon’s ultranationalist views and Trump’s love of Vladimir Putin, and expressed his view that a group of satanic elites is intent on gaining world domination.

Multinational elites, Ellis said, want to create “global tyranny where a small cabal of anonymous, hidden elites rule the world.”

Ellis added that this secret global cabal is a “Luciferian” and “satanic” group that elevates materialism over the spiritual world, pointing to the installation of a replica of the Arch of Baal, which was destroyed by ISIS, in New York.

“ISIS, they did destroy the archway to the temple of Baal,” Wiles said. “I guess if there’s any redeeming value to ISIS, I guess you can credit them for bringing down the Temple of Baal.”

In the same interview, Ellis hailed Hungarian president Viktor Orban for standing up against the supposed effort by globalist elites to create “a global mongrel culture” and destroy national citizenship, while claiming that George Soros is trying to realize the Communist Party’s aim of creating a one-world system of government.

Orban, he said, is rightfully turning away refugees from the Middle East: “It was 1,000 years ago Hungary turned back the Muslim hordes and he’s not going to surrender Hungary to them today.”

He also praised Russian president Vladimir Putin.

According to Ellis, more and more European countries will rally behind Putin rather than accept the European Union’s “mindless multiculturalism,” which he called a plot to undermine Christian society and resettle refugees.

The refugee crisis, he said, is really an “Islamic invasion,” and touted Russia as traditionally serving as “the defenders of the Christian faith against the Asiatic hordes.”

Ellis agreed with Wiles that Putin may invade Turkey and, according to Ellis, “take back” Istanbul. “And rename it Constantinople,” Wiles added.

Putin’s intervention in the Syrian conflict, Ellis said, was a signal to European countries that he is ready to “defend our precious heritage” abroad. Wiles, for his part, wondered if Putin threatened to “nuke” Saudi Arabia’s military.

Ellis named George Soros as the chief architect of this evil globalist plot, asserting that Soros was behind “the coup in Ukraine,” or the popular uprising that toppled the country’s corrupt president who was closely linked to Russia—a line eerily reminiscent of Russian propaganda.

“Vladimir Putin, for all his warts, he is a nationalist and there is nothing wrong with that,” he said. “We need more nationalists, in my opinion. We need nationalists. After World War II, people said, ‘Oh my gosh, Hitler rose to power and the lesson we draw from that is nationalism leads to slaughter, leads to death camps, so let’s get rid of nationalism.’ No, let’s get rid of—”

“Communism leads to slaughter,” Wiles interjected.

“That’s right.”

“Let’s get rid of Communists and then you won’t have these mass slaughters.”


Ellis and Wiles also warned that the Obama administration would put Middle Eastern immigrants in houses that hedge fund managers bought during the 2008 housing collapse.

Obama, Ellis said, is moving refugees from “ghettos” into “neighborhoods all across the country” because they think “it’s unfair if rich people or well-off people have their own neighborhoods that aren’t populated by criminals and welfare recipients.”