Trump Faith Adviser: Trump Is Powered By The Holy Spirit

Mark Burns, a televangelist and Donald Trump campaign surrogate who last month was caught lying about his resume, appeared on the conspiracy theory radio program “Trunews” yesterday, where he claimed that Trump is facing attacks from “the enemy” because he has been moved by the Holy Spirit.

When Wiles asked Burns if he sees “the Holy Spirit doing a work of grace in Donald Trump,” Burns replied, “Absolutely.”

He has most definitely grown. In the countless conversations that he and I have had in reference to his faith, he really, really—and only the Holy Spirit could do that, to become a person that loves people more than anything else. If you had a one-on-one conversation, he would suck you in and he would have you to believe that he truly cares about whatever you are going through, Rick, whatever you’re going through, he would be so focused, because he’s a master listener and only the Holy Spirit could have done that.

This is why the enemy is working so hard to get Christians, who is the main base of Donald Trump, evangelicals, who is the main base of his presidency, to focus on his flaws and not who God has made him to be. He truly loves God. And unlike Hillary Clinton, he will be using his faith as a part of his governancy [sic].

Wiles deemed Trump “the Rocky Balboa of American politics” because “he’s bloodied” but “he’s going to throw one more punch and he’s going to take them down.”

“I am absolutely confident that he is going to bring down the establishment,” he said.

Burns agreed, claiming that Trump has successfully challenged the GOP establishment.

“The voice of the people is the power that is behind Donald Trump,” Burns said. “And the power of God, using the Christians, the evangelicals, remember, that is Donald Trump’s base, we are his base, and so the Christian voice is going to be more than ever in any election.”