Trump Cabinet Bible Study Leader Explains the ‘Depravity’ of Non-Christian Public Officials

Capitol Ministries' Ralph Drollinger (Image from CBN story on Trump Cabinet Bible studies)

Ralph Drollinger, who leads weekly Bible study sessions for members of Trump’s cabinet and the U.S. House and Senate, is out on Election Day with a helpful guide explaining to his readers—his audience is Christian public officials—why their non-Christian colleagues “often do not vote right.” For Drollinger, voting “right” means voting for the right-wing economic, social, and regulatory policies he says are mandated by scripture.

Drollinger has previously taught that God only hears the prayers of righteous Christians and warned Christian public officials against being deceived by “syncretistic” prayer breakfasts. But not just any Christian will do—he has written that many liberal Christians aren’t really Christians at all, and that Catholicism is “one of the primary false religions in the world.”

In his new guide—one of the weekly written Bible studies distributed to legislators in Washington, D.C., and around the country and world—Drollinger cites several biblical passages as he explores four characteristics of the “unregenerate and ungodly.”

First, he says, they think differently from believers. While believers are captive to the Word of God, he writes, “the non-Christian is his own authority and he reasons outward from his or her finite autonomy, starting with ‘well I think.’” That’s not a good thing, in Drollinger’s view: “Such a beginning point for reasoning and subsequent behavior always leads to self-centeredness, aimlessness, and meaninglessness.” Therefore, he writes, “the unregenerate spend their whole life consumed by, clawing and clamoring after the mental pursuit of wrong objectives. How sad.”

Unbelievers, Drollinger continues, ignore and suppress God’s truth, which “they know deep down to be true.” He quotes another commentator saying that the ungodly “cannot hear or understand the things of God.”

Drollinger then speaks directly to the public officials he tutors:

And if you ever wonder why certain individuals on your subcommittee do not seem to get your biblical argument, here is the reason. Most likely it’s not because you lack perspicuity or communication skills, it is because they are spiritually incapable of getting it; they are spiritually deaf! Don’t be offended or take it personally when others reject your biblical positions; this passage informs you as to why: You should absolutely expect it!

It is actually “impossible for the unregenerate lawmaker to vote biblical, in ways pleasing unto the Lord all the time,” he writes. That’s why, he says, Christian lawmakers should evangelize their colleagues; their evangelism is more important than “lesser priorities”—like promoting policy positions.

What is doubly sad about the unregenerate politician is this: When public servants continue in their hardness, God will give them over and the sinner will seal his or her own fate. They become forever excluded from the life of God (cf. Romans 1:24, 26; Revelation 22:11). Learn to identify those in this spiritual condition, as sad as this biblical reality is, and as difficult as it is to exegete what God is saying in this passage. The longer a person rejects Christ, the greater his depravity becomes.

Drollinger goes on to further explain that as the unregenerate “continually and habitually blot out the truths of God and His accompanying conviction of sin,” they become callous and give themselves over to sensuality and “the absence of all moral restraint, especially in the area of sexual deviation.”

Politicians in this state of spiritual degeneracy are impervious to the moral depravity of their ways and their votes; in their callous behavior, they carry not the mind of God whatsoever — nor should anyone expect them too! Theirs are deep down, undealt with spiritual problems. Beloved, again, this passage teaches us that such attitudes amongst your seatmates should not surprise those who are biblically literate.

“Many are the unregenerate public servants characterized by impurity who manifest such callous practices as revealed in and by their all-out quest for power!” writes Drollinger as he nears the end of his study. He adds, “Sensuality, impurity, and greediness are all identifiable manifestations of unregenerate individuals who will use or bulldoze over others for selfish gain and the fulfillment of personal wantonness.”

Drollinger does offer a ray of hope: “By the grace of God, not every unbeliever is this hardened who serves in public office.” But, he says, those “characterized by the practice of impurity” are “beyond being reached by the message or messengers of salvation.”

Beloved, it is your biblical responsibility, it is in your keeping in obedience to God, that you identify such corruption and act appropriately! There are some in D.C. who are elected to office whom you should be witnessing to, and some whom you should be working to remove because they are so far gone, beyond remedy, as identified by their greedy involvement with things impure. Cleansing D.C. is a good idea, don’t you think?

Drollinger is not one to practice false modesty, explaining “why these weekly Bible studies disseminated throughout the offices every week are so vitally important to the health of our Members and nation:

Like radiation that impedes the progression of cancer, the proclamation of the word of God amazingly thwarts the rot and illumines the darkness of otherwise unbridled and degenerative unbelief.