Trump Asked ‘Prophet’ to Anoint Every Door in White House, Says ‘Apostle of Joy’

President Trump asked a “prophet” to anoint every doorway in the White House with oil, according to “Apostle of Joy” Georgian Banov, who said the prophet spent 11 hours anointing every door, dressed like a janitor so as not to “freak out” the White House staff.

Banov told the anointing story at the Rise Up 2018 on the eve of the midterm elections; that event followed “Shift America,” a three-day gathering organized by Banov’s organization Global Celebration and featured some of the same dominionist speakers. At Rise Up, Banov said that “in a few months” the prophetic crowd could be celebrating, worshiping, and “releasing the joy of the Lord” in the White House.

Banov described the prophet-in-janitor’s-clothing as a friend of his and prominent “prophetic” leader Bill Johnson’s. Banov and his wife Winnie run the East Coast version of Johnson’s Bethel School for Supernatural Ministry. Banov has been engaged in dominionist prayer efforts for years.

Here’s how Banov told the story of the White House anointing. (Note: Banov grew up in Eastern Europe and English is not his first language.)

One of my friends, Bill Johnson’s friend, is one of the prophets near to the White House, and Bill said that recently Trump asked him, ‘hey, you got some of that oil stuff…?’ ‘What oil?’ ‘You know, the stuff that you guys put on things.’

And he goes, ‘no, I haven’t got it.’ All right, will olive oil do OK for you?’ And gets from the kitchen some olive oil. ‘Whatever you gotta do, but go now and anoint every door in the White House. Anoint every door.’

And he says, they dressed him like a janitor so people don’t freak out—the staff. Not all the staff knows about all that stuff, you know?

It took the prophet 11 hours to anoint and pray for every door, “all the way down to the basement,” said Banov. He said that thanks to the anointing, some unwelcome visitors—some demons—had to “step out.”