Trump And The RNC Want To Know: Are You Concerned About Russia Or The Spread Of Sharia?

The Republican National Committee has sent supporters an email from President Donald Trump that includes a link to a “Listening to America Survey,” because, Trump writes, “I want to hear from the American heartland—the REAL America that lives outside of the DC-media fantasy world.”

Trump’s survey seems designed to promote right-wing fantasies such as “the potential spread of Sharia Law” in the U.S. and to question the trustworthiness of the media. Not surprisingly, the survey is heavy on administration priorities such as threats posed by immigration and the need to “stop radical Islamic terrorists from coming to our shores.” The survey also asks, “Is Russia a concern to you?”

Some questions seem to be primarily about stroking the president’s ego, such as “Do you agree with President Trump’s messaging?” Other questions could suggest areas the RNC is considering running campaigns on in 2018.

Among the questions:

  • Do you think universities today indoctrinate rather than teach students?
  • Do you believe that the Second Amendment is unfairly targeted as the reason for increased gun violence?
  • English is currently not recognized as the official language of the United States. Do you think it should be?