Trevor Loudon: Hillary Clinton Will Be ‘The Worst Dictator You’ve Ever Seen’

Conservative activist Trevor Loudon joined “Breitbart News Daily” this morning to promote his new movie “The Enemies Within,” and warned that if Hillary Clinton becomes president, she will “go hard-core to strip all of your rights” and become “the worst dictator you’ve ever seen.”

Falsely claiming that Clinton supported a United Nations measure that “criminalizes criticism of Islam worldwide, including the United States,” Loudon insisted that “she’ll obviously use the Supreme Court to shut down the First and Second Amendments.”

Such an agenda, he said, would be the result of efforts to create a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants living in the U.S., which he claimed number up to “50 million people.”

“If she does that, there will never be another Republican president ever, or anyone other than a Democrat,” he said. “You’ll have effectively a one-party state in America. Now if you think Obama was a totalitarian, you imagine Hillary Clinton with no effective Republican opposition ever. She will just go hard-core to strip all of your rights.”

“To think that this woman with completely unbridled power and an unassailable Democratic majority isn’t going to be the worst dictator you’ve ever seen is just completely naïve,” he said.

“I say this election is our last chance,” he added, “and we’d better damn well take it because Hillary Clinton will be Obama on steroids, she’ll just go crazy to shut this republic down.”