Top GOP Candidates Snubbing Values Voter Debate?

Yesterday, we wrote about the upcoming “Values Voter Presidential Debate” being held in Florida next month where a “majority of the Republican candidates” have agreed to be publicly grilled by the likes of Phyllis Schlafly, Don Wildmon, Roy Moore, Janet Folger, and Rick Scarborough.  

Of course, the question was just which candidates this “majority” included – and now, thanks to the American Family Association and the most recent “Rick Scarborough Report,” we know that it doesn’t include any of the top tier candidates:

On September 17, Vision America will join forces with some of the largest pro-family organizations in America to host the first ever, Values Voter Debate. Eight republican candidates to date have agreed to be there, and we are in hopes of seeing every candidate participate. Every sponsoring group will be allowed to ask one question. I am seeking your input as to the question I should ask. Please click here to vote on your favorite question. We will announce the results of this poll next week.

We also need your phone calls to the not yet confirmed candidates. Their phones need to be ringing off the hook in a demonstration of the amount of people they are snubbing if they refuse to come and our determination to be heard and have our concerns addressed! Please take the time to call.

Rudy Giuliani – 212-835-9449

Mitt Romney – 857-288-6400 (850-254-7959 Florida office)

John McCain – 703-418-2008

Fred Thompson – 615-390-9944

As the organizers of the event recently said: “All of the candidates who place our values (and our votes) as a priority will be there.” 

So do Giuliani, McCain, Romney, and Thompson value these self-described “values voters” enough to cave to the pressure now being put on them to attend this debate?  That remains to be seen.