Tony Perkins Says LGBTQ People In The Military Create ‘Moral Confusion’ That Makes Men Harass Women

Family Research Council president Tony Perkins speaks to media at the 2017 Values Voter Summit. (Photo: Jared Holt for Right Wing Watch)

Tony Perkins, radio host and president of the anti-LGBTQ hate group Family Research Council, blamed the military’s acceptance of gay and transgender service members for creating “moral confusion” that cost a two-star general his job.

During yesterday’s episode of “Washington Watch,” Perkins commented on a USA Today report that a two-star Army general had been fired after an investigation revealed he had sent inappropriate “sexy” text messages to the wife of a soldier. Naturally, Perkins used the story to continue pushing his anti-LGBTQ agenda.

“I think this is wrong, but who says it’s wrong? The military code of conduct? True, but that also said that homosexuality is wrong, but that prohibition is no longer being enforced. In fact, people are punished for not celebrating homosexuality,” Perkins said. “Same was true of transgenderism.”

Perkins went on to say that the officer’s conduct was not wrong because it violated the military code of conduct, but instead because it “violates the moral law of the creator,” which Perkins says is instilled in every human being by God.

When society gives an immoral policy like accepting LGBTQ people into the military a “green light,” Perkins claimed, it creates the kind of “moral confusion” that can lead a military officer to make sexual advances on a married woman.

“That’s where the moral confusion comes from. People think, ‘Well, maybe I can get away with it because they can get away with that. That’s acceptable today, maybe I can do this,” Perkins explained. “When we deny there is a moral law and a moral lawgiver, it leads to confusion and chaos, and we’ve seen this increasingly within the ranks of our nation’s military.”