Tomi Lahren: Liberals Want To Impeach Trump Because He’s ‘Too Good’ At Being President

Tomi Lahren, a Fox News commentator, said that liberals calling for President Trump to be removed from office are not frustrated with the president, but rather “jealous” and “afraid because he’s too good.”

In one of her “Final Thoughts” segments uploaded yesterday to Fox News Insider, Lahren lambasted billionaire activist Tom Steyer, who is organizing “Impeach Trump” town hall sessions across the United States. In a message aimed at Steyer, Lahren said she would lay out what she believed to be Trump’s accomplishments in office so “you and your delusional band of impeachment-hungry fools understand.”

She went on to cite Trump’s massive tax breaks for the rich, hyping the initial tax savings for other income groups that were included in the bill, gave Trump undeserved credit for job creation and low unemployment numbers, and showered Trump with praise for the fact that North Korean officials have invited him to speak with them like they have done with every sitting president since Bill Clinton.

“Is it historic? Yes. Is it impeachable? No,” Lahren said. “Trump’s done all this, and more, with virtually no help from Democrats.  And you want to impeach him? For what? Keeping his promises? Your little activist groups are shelling out millions to stop a president who is winning. And you can’t even give us one solid and honest reason why.”

She went on to claim that liberals want to impeach Trump because they are jealous that Trump is such a good president.

“Have you instead thought of donating your millions to causes you say you believe in, instead of wasting it on a campaign to destroy a president you are simply jealous of? It’s very obvious you’re not afraid Trump is a bad president. You’re afraid because he’s too good,” she said.

It’s worth noting that Republicans spent nearly the entirety of President Obama’s time in office demanding that he be impeached and have called for intense scrutiny of Hillary Clinton’s nonexistent administration.