Tom DeLay: God Has Given The Religious Right A ‘Clean Slate’ To Reshape America Via President Trump

Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay sat down with the right-wing conspiracy theory website WorldNetDaily last week to promote his latest book, “Revival! Revolution! Rebirth!,” and praise God for having given the Religious Right a “clean slate” to reshape America via Donald Trump.

“Now that Trump is elected, I’m very excited about it because I see now what God is doing,” DeLay said. “First of all, He stopped the left in its tracks and He stopped Hillary Clinton and put a man in place that was a strong leader, which the country was begging for.”

“I think I see what God’s intentions were,” he continued. “Here’s a man that basically is a clean slate and we, being Christian constitutionalist conservatives, have an opportunity to fill in that slate …  We, being strong Christians conservatives, are going to have an opportunity to really turn this country around in a bold way.”