Todd Starnes: Obama Is ‘Apologist-In-Chief’ For Islam Rather Than Commander-In-Chief

Fox News pundit Todd Starnes appeared on “AFA Today” with Crane Durham yesterday, where he accused Muslim-Americans of refusing to condemn terrorist attacks and attacked President Obama for his recent comments about how simply saying the words “radical Islam” does nothing to stop terrorism.

“Certainly there are some peaceful Muslims out there,” he said, “but here is my question, Crane: Where are these people? Where are the peaceful Muslims? Why aren’t they marching in the streets denouncing the Islamic radicals? Why aren’t they filling up the TV screens condemning the Islamic radicals? Where are they?”

Starnes conveniently ignored the fact that Muslim-American groups have widely condemned this attack and groups like ISIS, and Muslim-American organizations held events honoring the victims in cities throughout the country including Washington, Boston and Los Angeles.

“I don’t recall ever hearing the president passionately defending Christianity or Judaism like he did Islam,” he continued.

“It appears to me that this president is more of an apologist-in-chief for the Islamic faith than he is the commander-in-chief for the United States.”

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