Todd Starnes: ‘I Smell A RINO Hit Job’ Coming From Accusations Against Roy Moore

Fox News Radio host Todd Starnes said today allegations that Republican Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore made sexual advances on teenagers while he was in his 30s and molested a 14-year-old girl smell like “a RINO hit job” from establishment Republicans.

At the beginning of “The Todd Starnes Show” today, Starnes said that he had a lot of questions about the allegations against Moore, but was ultimately skeptical of their legitimacy. He went on to suggest that the allegations may be part of a political hit job from establishment Republicans.

“Something doesn’t smell right. There’s a foul odor, a stench if you will, in the air. It smells like RINO—Republicans in name only. That’s what it smells like,” Starnes said. “I smell a RINO hit job down there in Alabama.”

Starnes continued, “Guilt or innocence—not an issue right now, ladies and gentlemen.”

The accusations against Moore, Starnes speculated, may be retaliation against former White House adviser and Breitbart figurehead Steve Bannon for his role in defeating traditional Republican politicians.

“It smells like payback from Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan. And I’m not so sure this is about Roy Moore as much as it is about Steve Bannon, because keep in mind there is a civil war brewing in the Republican Party.  They blame Steve Bannon—the establishment types—they blame Bannon for Donald Trump. They blame him for taking out Luther Strange,” Starnes said.