Tim Tebow’s Road To The White House

As everyone knows by now, Tim Tebow and his mother are going to be featured in an anti-choice ad run by Focus on the Family during the Super Bowl, and apparently that is enough to convince some people, like the Orlando Sentinel’s Mike Bianchi, that Tebow is the next Ronald Reagan and will one day be president:

Tim Tebow will be the President of the United States someday.

His name was Ronald Reagan.

Go ahead and laugh if you want. They used to laugh, too, at the notion that another charismatic, conservative former college football player could become president. You might have heard of him.

“If Tim Tebow wanted to be a political candidate, it’s his for the taking,” says Orlando attorney John Stemberger, who heads Florida Family Policy Council, a politically connected conservative religious organization. “He would be a political rock star. … He’s handsome, he’s humble and he has character and integrity. … This young man could be the next Ronald Reagan or Jack Kemp if he wanted to be.”

Stemberger’s organization is the local affiliate of the national organization – Focus on the Family – that is airing Tebow’s controversial right-to-life commercial. The Super Bowl ad transcends anything Tebow has ever done on the football field. It transforms him from football player to political figure and aligns him with Focus on the Family — the most politically powerful evangelical organization in this country.

All you Tebow-bashers better brace yourself.

If you got sick of him when he was the king of Gator Nation, just wait until he becomes president of American Nation.

Of course, the Constitution states that nobody can be president until they have reached 35 years of age, which means we won’t see President Tebow until sometime after 2022.