Thomasson: “Civil War” May Be Necessary To Stop LGBT “Brainwashing”

Save California’s Randy Thomasson told conservative radio talk show host Janet Mefferd yesterday that Americans may need to have a new revolution to block a new California law that makes sure history textbooks include historic LGBT figures. Thomasson, who has likened homosexuality to drunk driving and drug abuse, said that “homosexual activists want children” and accordingly “the Democrat governor gave the homosexual activists the brains of children.” He went on to say that “we’re declaring independence” just like the colonists during the American Revolution, warning that if people don’t “vote christianly then we’re heading toward a real civil war”:

Thomasson: I believe he was responding to a tremendous amount of pressure from homosexual, bisexual and transsexual activists, they were saying, ‘Hey, Jerry [Brown], we’re demanding that you sign our bill on LGBT role models for children,’ and he did it. I think they are just reminding him that they own him, he is their governor, because what the Democrats give the homosexual activists what the homosexual activists want, and the homosexual activists want children. So the Democrat governor gave the homosexual activists the brains of children, six million children in California government schools now are going to be suffering under an eighth school sexual indoctrination law, the most direct, in-your-face brainwashing I’ve ever seen.

Thomasson: We can harken back to our American revolution. The Declaration of Independence has a long list of sayings that the colonists were lobbying King George III about, but King George III just kept coming back with more and more taxes, he didn’t listen. So they said, well, you know what, it’s our right to alter or dissolve the government. And that’s what we’re doing, we’re declaring independence. We’re not there yet but I tell you what if we don’t start voting different and telling people how to vote and if pastors don’t repent and teach people how to vote christianly then we’re heading to toward a real civil war I’m afraid.

Mefferd: Strong words, but I’m with you all the way.