‘This Is Not Trump’s Agenda. This Is Heaven’s Agenda’

On Monday, televangelist Jim Bakker hosted pro-Trump activists Mark Taylor and Mary Colbert, who insisted that critics of President Trump are doomed to fail because God is on his side.

Colbert said that God had given her a reassuring message in response to the concerns some of her fellow Christians have about Trump:

You just watch the Red Sea part. This is what the Lord literally showed me. It’s like the church behaves just like the Israelis did. God parted the Red Sea and you get to the other side and you start going, ‘Oh Lord, are we going to be destroyed? He put us in the desert to kill us. What’s going to happen?’ I’m gonna tell you what’s gonna happen. You’re gonna watch the waves crash in on your enemy.

Later, Taylor said that God revealed to him that He is working through the president: “Even Christians are still fighting what this man’s doing. They don’t understand. This is not Trump’s agenda. This is heaven’s agenda that is being implemented through Donald Trump.”