Things You Don’t See Everyday

It’s not every day that you wander over to Focus on the Family’s Citizenlink website and see a headline blaring “[Ted] Bundy Was Right,” but that is exactly what you’ll find there today as Focus marks the 20th anniversary of James Dobson’s infamous interview with one of America’s most notorious serial killers:

Twenty years ago, Dr. James Dobson sat down with Ted Bundy, one of the most notorious serial killers in American history. The interview took place on the eve of Bundy’s execution in a Florida state prison.

Dr. Dobson is scheduled to appear Friday on Glenn Beck’s program on Fox News to discuss the historic interview.

“My purpose in going on Glenn’s show is to discuss the reason why Bundy chose me for his final interview when every major news anchor at every TV network was jostling for an exclusive with him,” Dr. Dobson said. “Bundy wanted to talk about the role media violence and particularly violent, hard-core pornography had played in his years-long killing spree, and he knew the mainstream media wouldn’t report that story.”

Of course, Bundy was also a remorseless, manipulative psychopath … so perhaps his outreach to Dobson and his efforts to blame his 30-plus murders on pornography ought not to be taken at face value.  But Focus apparently has no such reservations:

Daniel Weiss, senior analyst for media and sexuality at Focus on the Family Action, said Bundy’s predictions have come true.

“Porn has moved from the hidden vice of a few to the entertainment of the masses,” he said, “leaving in its wake countless addicted individuals, broken homes, sexual crimes and a nation desensitized.

“As a nation, we can’t seem to give this material up. We defend it as free speech, which it is not. We ignore its connections to crime and politics and human trafficking, and accept at face value the notion put forth by the porn industry — that it is nothing more than harmless adult entertainment.”

And then, just for good measure, they throw in this less-than-veiled slap at homosexuals and “our sexually licentious culture”: 

Weiss said he hopes that the heartaches that come from our sexually licentious culture will make people hungry for God’s vision for sex and relationships.

“We hold an authentic countervision that is vibrant, dignifying and compelling,” he said. “God created us female and male —distinct, but complementary beings — and called us into oneness in marriage.

“The sexual union in marriage is the most intimate and personal relationship, and more holy than most of us have imagined.”