Things That Make You Go “Duh!”

Cybercast News Service, the right-wing news organization run by the Media Research Center, demands to know why the new Smithsonian exhibition “What Does It Mean to Be Human?” doesn’t make any mention of God:

A new exhibit at the National Museum of Natural History unveiled on Wednesday chronicles what Smithsonian officials said are the origins of man 6 million years ago in Africa, the evolution of several now-extinct human ancestors and the effects of climate on human survival and evolution.

The stages of human development also are highlighted, but visitors will not find any references to God, creationism, or pre-natal existence. The exhibit’s Web site says fossils “provide evidence that modern humans evolved from earlier humans.”

When asked by why the exhibit does not include any reference to God or address the debate – even in scientific circles – about Darwinian evolution, [curator and director of Smithsonian’s Human Origins Program Richard] Potts replied that the Natural History Museum “is a science museum, and all the objects that a museum can possibly display about the origins of humans have been uncovered in the context of doing the science of evolution.”

What’s next, a CNS article complaining that nowhere does the museum mention the fact that the world is only six thousand years old?