‘They Can’t Kill Us All’: Dave Daubenmire Urges Christians to Join Anti-Clinton ‘Tour’

Dave Daubenmire appeared on “The Hagmann Report” last night to promote the demonstration being organized by right-wing activists for Memorial Day weekend outside the Chappaqua, New York, home of Bill and Hillary Clinton, where they will demand that President Trump arrest the former first lady and presidential candidate.

The event, which was originally billed as “The March For Equal Justice,” has now been changed to “The Equal Justice Tour” after organizers were informed by lawyers that they would need permits if they intended to hold any sort of rally or protest outside the Clintons’ home. In response, organizers are now billing the event as a “tour” since tours require no such permits, meaning that now it will merely consist of right-wing activists driving past the Clintons’ home and around Chappaqua demanding Hillary’s arrest.

Daubenmire admitted to being a bit fearful about taking part in this event, but then likened it to fighting in a war.

“What if our forefathers had that same attitude?” he said. “What about the guys who stormed Iwo Jima? What about those guys who stormed Normandy Beach? What about those guys in the Vietnam rice paddies? They did not fight and die for us to be afraid and not do our job when our time is before us.”

“As long as Hillary is more equal than me, as long as Obama is more equal than me,” Daubenmire said, “then that is not liberty. That is displeasing to our Lord and it spits on the graves of those brave men, living and dead, who struggled for liberty, justice, and the American way.”

Host Doug Hagmann declared that this event will likely go down in history as the moment when regular Americans stood up and took their country back, and Daubenmire agreed, calling on Christians to join the activists over Memorial Day weekend.

“They can’t kill us all,” he said. “We have two choices: Rapture, or the Second American Revolution. That is what we have. That’s our two choices, because if we’re sitting around and waiting on the Rapture and the Rapture doesn’t come, you’re going to be locked down in a gulag.”