‘There Can Be No Mercy’: America First Leaders Put the Movement’s Fascism on Full Display

In response to reports that former President Donald Trump may soon be indicted on criminal charges stemming from his efforts to conceal his extramarital affair with a pornographic actress, the leaders of the far-right America First movement put their fascist agenda on full display.

Last Friday, Nick Fuentes, the racist, misogynistic, America-hating, Christian fascist founder of the white nationalist America First movement, did a livestream in which he responded to Trump’s statement that he might soon be arrested. Fuentes used the program to fault Trump for not being sufficiently “brutal” during his term in office, declaring that if Trump gets back into office, he must refuse to leave.

“I’ll never forget when Trump was asked during the transition, ‘Are you really going to arrest Hillary Clinton?’ and he was like, ‘No, I don’t think I need to do that,'” Fuentes said. “You should have. You should have dragged Obama by his nappy hair—no, I’m kidding—but you should have dragged Obama by his basketball jersey through the courts. You should have dragged Hillary Clinton and the Podestas. It should have been Pizzagate on trial. It should have been ‘Fast and Furious,’ and [Burisma]. It should have been all those things playing out in court.”

“It should have been Hillary Clinton and Obama in an orange jumpsuit and a paddy wagon. That’s what it should have been,” Fuentes continued. “It should have been brutal and unforgiving and unrelenting and intense and unstoppable. That’s what it should have been. Deportations, depriving people of the vote, building a wall, disregarding the courts, disregarding Congress, arresting the opposition; it should have been that.”

“We’ve got to be willing to do what it takes,” Fuentes declared. “This is a man’s game. And that’s the lesson. Trump’s got to get back in—Trump or Ye—whoever, but they got to get back in, and this time, they can’t leave, OK? We’ve got to make America great again and not leave until it’s done.”

Vincent James, an unapologetic racistantisemitemisogynistconspiracy theorist, and fascist who currently serves as the treasurer of Fuentes’ white nationalist America First organization, echoed those remarks during his own livestream Monday afternoon.

“When we get power, there can be no mercy,” James proclaimed. “If Trump gets power again, there can be no mercy. When we say we’re going to arrest someone, arrest them. When you say you’re going to arrest Hillary Clinton, arrest her. And even much more than that. When you have power in, let’s say, individual states, you have to make sure that you keep that power. You have to do whatever it takes to keep that power and grow that power, to make sure that power is never subverted, is never taken away from you.”

“We must force younger generations to think the way that we do. That’s what needs to be done,” James continued. “Just remember that what we’re teaching and what we’re trying to make people believe and what we’re trying to convince people of is right and just, and what they’re trying to make people believe or convince people of is wrong and evil. This is a spiritual battle.”

“If Trump runs and wins after all of this, there can be no mercy,” James asserted. “Absolutely no mercy. You have to take the precautions that you need to take to make sure that none of this ever comes back in your face, that none of this can ever happen again after you leave office. You have to assure the people that you want to put around you—you have to make sure that they’re loyalists, you have to make sure that they’re true believers in the cause—and you have to assure them that this will never happen again, that you’re going to take the steps that need to be taken to make sure that this never happens again. There’s going to be no mercy from this point on, from this day forward.”

It is obvious, based on these statements and many others, that those involved in the America First movement have no interest in or intention of being part of our representative system of government because they are brazen authoritarians driven solely by a desire to seize control of the reins of power and then stop at nothing to permanently maintain that power.

Fuentes and James have made their agenda abundantly clear: They want to destroy our entire system of government so they can impose their Christian fascist agenda on the nation.

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