Theodore Shoebat Prays That God Will Guide President Trump To ‘Enact Laws That Will Put Sodomites To Death’

Extremist anti-LGBT activist Theodore Shoebat was initially a very ardent Donald Trump supporter, but he turned on the GOP presidential nominee when he held up a rainbow flag at a rally in Colorado, after which Shoebat began calling for Trump to be put to death.

But now that Trump was won the election, Shoebat is back to supporting him, posting a video last night in which he declared that he hopes that God will guide President Trump to pass laws putting gays and abortion providers to death.

“God bless Donald Trump,” Shoebat said, “and may God guide him to do righteousness. May God use him to get rid of abortion and to get rid of this disgusting homosexual agenda, to uproot the homosexual agenda and abortion from this country, to purge this nation of this evil. May he enact laws that will put sodomites to death. May he enact laws that will put abortionists to death. Amen. Hallelujah.”