The Year In Right Wing Watch: God Loves Trump And Will Curse Those Who Oppose Him

It’s been a weird year.

At Right Wing Watch, we’re used to bizarre conspiracy theories, extremist ideologies, wild misinformation, and the strange twisting of scripture to support political aims. But this year, we saw those things coming not just from the fringes of the Right, but from the White House itself. This was the year that the extreme Right fully embraced President Trump, and President Trump embraced it back.

This year, we published in-depth reports on the Right’s love of Russian President Vladimir Putin, the “prophetic” Religious Right leaders forming a “POTUS Shield” around Trump, how alt-right white supremacists are using YouTube to get famous, and the extremist record of failed Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore.

We also watched day by day as the alt-right fractured in post-election infighting and the Religious Right all but moved into the White House.

Below are the 10 most popular RWW posts of the year, and a few more of our personal favorites.

  1. Pat Robertson: People Who Oppose Trump Are Revolting Against God
  2. Pat Robertson Blames Vegas Shooting On Disrespect For Trump, The National Anthem And God
  3. Mark Taylor: Freemasons And Illuminati Are Using A Special Frequency To Change DNA And Make People Hate Trump
  4. Larry Klayman Is Outraged By Michelle Obama’s Shoulders
  5. 10 Right-Wing Predictions About Obama That Never Came True
  6. Mary Colbert: God Will Curse Trump’s Opponents And Their Children And Grandchildren
  7. Rick Wiles: Barack Obama Is Personally Orchestrating A Satanic Sedition Against President Trump
  8. Wayne Allyn Root Tells Men Never To Date A Liberal Woman Who Hates Trump Because ‘She’ll Cut Your Pee-Pee Off’
  9. Cindy Jacobs: God Wants Christians To Be Rich So Jews Become Jealous And Convert
  10. Pat Robertson: Multiple Sclerosis Is ‘Demonic’ And Can Be Healed Once Rebuked

Honorable Mentions:

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