The Worst Insult Imaginable

A group of right-wing leaders affiliated with Manuel Miranda’s National Coalition to End Judicial Filibusters has responded to Sen. Lindsey Graham’s response to the Coalition’s first letter regarding Graham’s opposition to the nomination of Jim Haynes.

According to his own letter, Graham is “troubled that very distinguished military leaders have expressed strong opposition to the Haynes nomination” because of his role in creating this Bush administration’s controversial policies regarding “unlawful combatants.”

But the Right is having none of it and is demanding that Haynes receive a confirmation vote.  And they have chosen to up the ante by smearing Graham with the worst insult imaginable: comparing him to those allegedly unprincipled Democrats:

We are particularly concerned that your June 8 letter and the critics it quotes conflate policy disputes with improper behavior, frankly, in the way that Democrats do … [B]y blurring the distinction between Democrats’ repeated use of obstructionist tactics and Republicans’ principled treatment of judicial nominees, you are harming the GOP’s chances in November.

There are 60+ Clinton nominees who never received a hearing or a vote in the days when Republicans controlled the Senate and they are probably a little confused as to just when the GOP became interested in the “principled treatment of judicial nominees.”