The Rifqa Bary Saga Re-Opens

It seems as if I spoke too soon when I declared, a few weeks ago, the the Rifqa Bary saga had finally come to an end because Bary’s parents have now backed out of the agreement to try to resolve the issue through counseling due to the fact that Rifqa has reportedly attempted to stay in contact with Blake and Beverly Lorenz: 

According to a motion filed Thursday by the Barys’ attorney, Rifqa is being allowed to have contact with Blake Lorenz and his wife, Beverly, the Florida pastors with whom she stayed for more than two weeks after running away from her Northeast Side home in July.

“The parents now believe the entire deal should be thrown out because of misrepresentation and fraudulent inducement,” wrote the attorney, Omar Tarazi.

Everyone had agreed in late December that Rifqa would not have contact with the Lorenzes until her counselor determined it was in her best interest. The court filing does not specify what contact Rifqa had, and a court order stipulates that no one who is part of the case may talk about it.

In the court filing, Tarazi blames the attorneys representing Rifqa for allowing the current contact.

His filing included a birthday card that he said Angela Lloyd, Rifqa’s attorney, sent to Blake Lorenz on Rifqa’s behalf. Tarazi said the card was intercepted by Children Services when Rifqa tried to send it herself, and then Lloyd sent it anyway.

In the card is a handwritten message: “Happy Birthday daddy,” as well as a note that includes: “I miss you. You are the bestest. haha. I pray you will have a wonderful birthday. I love you. See you soon.” After that are the words Jesus Power with a heart and “Love, Rifqa.”

According to Mat Staver, the Lorenzes’ attorney, Rifqa’s card ended up in the hands of Global Revolution Church, which forwarded it on to Bary’s parent’s attorney instead of Blake Lorenz, presumably due to the fact that church officials fired both Blake and Beverly Lorenz last year over their involvement in the Bary saga and fears that their actions had legally compromised the church.