The Return of Marilyn Musgrave

After getting tossed out of office last November, Marilyn Musgrave disappeared from the scene, refusing to congratulate her opponent or even concede defeat and instead went AWOL.

But she has now resurfaced, having hooked-up with the Susan B. Anthony List as the face of their new effort that intends to target members of Congress who do not share the group’s anti-choice agenda.

David Brody has the scoop along with an interview with Musgrave in which she proclaims it “a new day in politics for the pro-life movement”:

The new project is called “Votes Have Consequences” and the group has brought former U.S. Congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave on board as the project’s Director and to raise money for it.

“Votes do have consequence and this project is going to make sure we are not always on the defensive. We’re going into districts where individuals are vulnerable and we’re just going to make sure people know how these individuals have voted and what their record is.”

“We’re going to be assertive. We’re going to be aggressive and this is a new day in politics for the pro-life movement.”

The Susan B. Anthony List will be targeting certain members of Congress who are out of step with their district on the life issue. No specific Congressmen have been identified yet but the group plans to launch an aggressive TV, Radio and print campaign against them very soon. They don’t want to wait until 2010. They believe the issue needs to be addressed right away because pro-life groups have all too often taken a back seat approach to getting involved early in congressional races.

Interestingly, the same election that bounced Musgrave from her Colorado seat also saw the state’s anti-choice “personhood” initiative get absolutely trounced at the polls as well.  In fact, during the last election, there were three anti-choice initiatives on the ballots in various states and each one went down in defeat by substantial margins.

But apparently that isn’t stopping Musgrave and the Susan B. Anthony list from seeking to make this losing issue the centerpiece of its election strategy.