The Religious Right’s Noticeable Silence

Yesterday, it was revealed that for the last 18 years, the health insurance plan offered by the Republican National Committee to its employees has covered abortion

Interestingly, there has been absolutely no outrage from the Stop The Abortion Mandate coalition, which was created in order to “prevent Washington, DC bureaucrats and abortion industry lobbyists from forcing you to pay for abortions,” have seen fit to weigh in on the fact that the millions in donations that have been going to the RNC have essentially forced donors to pay for abortion, at least as far as the standard Religious Right logic goes on this issue … meaning that those who have donated to, say, the National Rifle Association have had their dollars go toward providing abortion services via the NRA’s multiple donations to the RNC.

Even more interestingly, not one of the Stop the Abortion Mandate coalition members, as far as I have been able to determine, has said one word about this. 

It is understandable that members like Focus on the Family might be silent, considering that the organization itself offers insurance through a company that covers “abortion services” … but why have all the other groups been noticeably silent on this?