The Perkins-Jindal Relationship Deepens

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal have a long history dating back to Perkins’ days in the state legislature that continues to this day, with Perkins working closely with the Governor during the Hurricane Gustav recovery efforts earlier this year:

Governor Jindal is a friend of mine with whom I worked closely during my time in the legislature when he was the Secretary of the Department of Health and Hospitals. Having the opportunity to work alongside him and his staff in the last several days from sun-up to past sundown, I am greatly encouraged and impressed with his leadership and the dedication of his staff to getting essential relief to the citizens of the state and restoring critical infrastructure.

On Friday, Jindal announced his appointments to the Louisiana Commission on Marriage and Family, and guess who was among those he chose?

Tony Perkins, of Baton Rouge, is the president of Family Research Council, a family advocacy organization.. Perkins will serve as an individual with expertise in community programs and assistance, as required by statute.

As Bayou Buzz put it, “Jindal ran and was elected as a social conservative and a number of his appointments appear to reflect that political agenda” and that includes not only Perkins but also Mike Johnson, senior legal counsel for Alliance Defense Fund.

If Jindal is planning his own presidential run in 2012 should McCain-Palin lose, it is probably safe to assume that he’ll have Perkins and the extremely influential Family Research Council in his corner from the get-go.