The On-Going Engle-ization of the Religious Right

We first started paying attention to Lou Engle in 2008 when he hosted a The Call rally in Washington, DC heading into the presidential election and another in San Diego just before the vote on Proposition 8

Seemingly coming out of nowhere, Engle was eagerly embraced by the Religious Right establishment as its leaders flocked to participate in Engle’s day-long festivals of prayer and fasting.

Since then, Engle’s influence within the Religious Right has continued to grow, as he co-hosted the anti-healthcare “prayercast” earlier this year and has lead a group of Religious Right leaders to Texas to pray against a new Planned Parenthood facility opening in Houston.

In September, Engle will be leading another The Call rally in Sacramento to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his first Call event.  And he has managed to line up video endorsements from the likes of Mat Staver, Samuel Rodriguez, Ron Luce, Tim Wildom … and even Pat and Gordon Robertson:

Pat: Hi, this is Pat Robertson.

Gordon: And I’m Gordon Robertson. We’d like to take a moment to encourage you to attend The Call tenth anniversary in Sacramento this Labor Day.

Pat: And we want the blessing of God on our nation. But how can His blessing come to a nation that has slaughtered fifty million unborn babies, taken the Bible and prayer out of schools, and protected by law that what God calls an “abomination”? In our land, that which is evil is being called good. And what is good is being ridiculed and banished from the public square. It’s time that we join together and seek national repentance.

Gordon: We need to ask God to send up a great move of the Holy Spirit here in America. And that’s what The Call – Sacramento is all about. Thousands of young people will be crying out to God for his glory to cover the Earth as the waters cover the sea. If you want to be a part of seeing God rescue America and experience that demonstration of his power and glory, then come to The Call – Sacramento September 3-4 at Raley Field. You can find out more by logging on to

Pat: This is a desperate hour for our country. Please be a part of turning out nation back to God. Come to The Call – Sacramento and stand in the gap for this great nation.