The Need for White House Clarification

Yesterday I wrote about the fact that Concerned Women for America and the Family Research Council had been invited to the White House to be part of a discussion on …. well, I’m not sure.

David Brody, who first reported the meeting, said it is to be focused on “the need to reduce abortions in the country and on responsible fatherhood programs,” but I am not sure if it is to be focused on the “need to reduce abortions” or, more likely, on “reducing the need for abortion” – and that is a pretty important distinction.

If it is focused on the “reducing the need for abortion,” then it should be looking for ways to prevent unplanned pregnancies, thereby reducing the need for abortion.  But, of course, if that is the case then there is no need to invite FRC and CWA because they both oppose anything that encourages the use of condoms or family planning services.

On the other hand, if it is focused on “reducing abortions” … well, then inviting CWA and FRC is a great idea because they have all sorts of ideas on how to do that:

“Funding abortion or abortion providers is one of the worst things that could be done. What the government funds, we get more of,” [CWA’s Wendy] Wright added. “We hope to begin a dialogue that results in policies which actually work, not just financially benefit certain interest groups like abortion providers.”

“Pregnancy resource centers and regulations on abortion have a terrific track record in helping women choose alternatives to abortion,” she continued.

As I said yesterday, these groups have a rather simple solution on how to “reduce abortions”: make them illegal or impossible to obtain. And if that is the sort of input the White House thinks it needs, then FRC and CWA will be more than willing to provide it.

But if the White House is looking for ways to reduce the need for abortion, then FRC and CWA have nothing to offer and absolutely no willingness to seek compromise or middle-ground because, frankly, they refuse to admit that there is ever any such need.

So what is the topic of this meeting?  On finding ways to reduce abortions or finding ways to reduce the need for abortion? It’s a crucial difference and it would be nice to know just what the Obama administration is bringing these right-wing groups in to discuss.