The Million Moocher March

[Harper] Last night’s edition of “Hannity & Colmes” featured a segment on an immigration reform/counter-anti-immigration rally in Phoenix with Arizona State Senator Jack Harper appearing on the show to represent to anti-immigration forces.

Co-host Alan Colmes noted that one anti-immigration protestor wore the Mexican flag as a diaper while another tied the flag to the bottom of her shoes and asked Harper if he supported that type of protest, to which Harper squinted and mumbled some incoherent reply alleging that areas at the rally had been cordoned off where “they would not allow US citizens to go but Mexican illegal aliens were able to go” and that there were some “prominent anarchists … who protest everything that tears down America” in attendance.  

Harper then went on to say

Well, I’ve dubbed this the Million Moocher March, because there is no reason – if they came here to work, there is no reason why they need citizenship. They only want citizenship; most of – many of them because they want to be able to collect welfare and I don’t believe the American taxpayers support that.

Colmes rightly responded that such an allegation was “pretty insulting,” at which point the other guest jumped in, thereby saving Harper from having to defend his contemptible comment.      

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