The GOP’s Embrace of Bryan Fischer Continues

As we noted last month, despite his long history of unabashed bigotry, leading Republicans continue to appear on Bryan Fischer’s radio program.

At the time of that post, Fischer had been joined Sen. Roger Wicker, Sen. Jim Inhofe, Sen. Jim DeMint, Rep. Lamar Smith, Rep. Alan Nunnelee, Rep. Raul Labrador, and presidential hopeful Tim Pawlenty.

Since then, Fischer has also hosted Mike Huckabee and now we can add Rep. Steve King to the list:

The interview itself as rather dull, focusing mostly on the issue of funding for health care reform and Planned Parenthood in any Continuing Resolution, but I am posting it nonetheless as part of our effort to keep track of the increasing number of Republican leaders who have no qualms about embracing Fischer and his bigotry.