The Faith and Freedom Institute Kindly Reminds Us: “It’s Adam and Eve, Not Adam and Steve”

Last week, I mentioned that the Faith and Freedom Institute was following in the footsteps of so many other right-wing organizations by conducting a sort of “save America” prayer vigil. We went down to check the event out, which took place outside the gates of the north side of the White House. Unfortunately for Gary Dull and the Faith and Freedom Institute, it seems we were the only ones there, apart from their film crew and a few tourists driving by on Segways.

Dull continued down his path of mediocre mimicking by using the Right’s time-honored catchphrase of “It’s Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.” Later, he equated male-male couples with that of a person and a dog, claiming that if we legalize gay marriage then the next step would be legalization of relationships between a man and a dog.

While you can’t blame him for trying, I think the turnout alone (or lack thereof) is evidence that Dull needs to either get a new message or join one of the myriad of other right-wing organizations using the same, tired, rhetoric.