The Engle-ization of the Religious Right

Judging by the last few weeks, it seems as if Lou Engle has completely taken over the Religious Right movement.  What began with his central role during the recent “prayercast” continued this weekend when a bevy of Religious Right leaders joined his latest “The Call” rally in Houston to protest a new Planned Parenthood facility. 

On Sunday, GOD TV aired the entire 4-plus hours of the event which, at one point, featured Tony Perkins, Ken Blackwell, Richard Land, Mat Staver, and Rep. Trent Franks on stage as each lead the gathering in prayer, calling on God to end abortion in America, with Bishop Harry Jackson closing out the segment with a passionate call for Christians to rise up and fight, declaring that “no demonic forces shall overtake or overthrow the agenda of God, no demons, no devils from Hell shall be allowed to be victors in this conquest”: