The Confusing FRC

Yesterday, the Family Research Council released a petition aimed at “Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to urge him to stop lying to himself and the American taxpayer” about his pro-life views, saying “he cannot claim to be pro-life and continue advocate for taxpayer funding of abortion.”

FRC’s action alert urging people to sign it begins thusly:

Senator Reid used to claim he was pro-life. Since he became Majority Leader in the Senate, however, he is sounding more and more like his pro-abortion colleagues Chuck Schumer and Ted Kennedy. Just recently he told reporters he would be perfectly fine with a health care bill that requires taxpayers to fund abortions.

Is he taking his talking points from the President of Planned Parenthood? Two weeks ago she said that she would pursue making abortion part of President Obama’s health care plan.

I have to admit that I had to re-read this several times before I realized that the “she” to which FRC referred  was not a typo referencing Reid but was rather referring to Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards.

While I am more that willing to chalk my confusion about this up to my own stupidity, I don’t know that I can say the same for this recent op-ed FRC Senior Policy Analyst Robert Morrison in the Washington Examiner in which he complains about … well, I’m not sure entirely:

With the talk of whether President Barack Obama is a Socialist, it’s no wonder the country is confused. Some ofthe confusion began when NBC’s late Tim Russert made the switch on national TV in advance of the 2000 election. Prior to that, Republican states had been shown on network election maps in blue, with Democratic states in red.

In 1980, CBS showed President Ronald Reagan’s states as deep a blue as a California swimming pool. Jimmy Carter’s small haul of states was an embarrassed red. When Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York went blue, Dan Rather went green. In 1984, the map went almost all blue again, as Reagan romped to a second landslide victory.

Beginning in 2000, the vision of red state Republicans and blue state Democrats was burned into our minds with the 34-day wait for resolution by the Supreme Court in Bush v. Gore.

It’s time to switch colors back. Around the world, conservative parties’ color is blue. And liberals—oh alright—call yourselves progressives if you insist— are red. It’s the color of Labour in Britain, Liberals in Canada, and the SPD in Germany. The Left is red for a very good reason. It represents revolution. Go see Les Mis if you doubt it.

President Obama should be saluted for reaching out to voters in red states and blue states. Not for him the vicious view of a Michael Moore, who wondered why terrorists would want to kill so many blue state voters on 9/11.

Let’s hope both parties will make their best cases to Americans as Americans. E Pluribus Unum should recognize no division. As the victory of Prop. 8 showed in California this time, and the marriage amendment in Ohio proved last time, voters are entirely capable of making differing judgments on men and measures. It’s time they were treated with more respect.

Apparently, Morrison doesn’t like the use of red for Republicans and blue for Democrats and seems to believe that this has something to do with why people think President Obama is a socialist and it’s all Tim Russert’s fault … plus, some reference to Michael Moore and gay marriage.

Seriously, this is the entire op-ed … and I literally have no idea what it means.