The Company That Rick Perry Keeps: Peter Wagner On Sex With Demons

Last week, we noted that C. Peter Wagner had signed on as an endorser of Gov. Rick Perry’s “The Response” prayer rally.  In that post, we recalled how claimed that the massive earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan earlier this year was because the nation is in the grip of paganism and that said paganism is the result of the fact that Sun Goddess had “sexual intercourse with the Emperor” of Japan.

Bruce Wilson of Talk 2 Action first posted this video of Wagner explaining how this happened back in 2009, so we thought it might be a good idea to edit it down a bit and repost it here in an effort to highlight the sorts of leaders with whom Perry is associating himself:

There is a spirit called a Harlot, a principality, who dominates nations, who dominates territories, who dominates people groups very, very clearly to such an extent that she has fornication with kings. And I can give you an example of how she does this: Japan, as a nation, is one of the nation’s of the world which has consciously, openly invited national demonization.

The Sun Goddess visits him in person and has sexual intercourse with the Emperor. It’s a very, very powerful thing. So the Emperor becomes one flesh with the Sun Goddess and that’s an invitation for the Sun Goddess to continue to demonize the whole nation.

Since the night that the present emperor slept with the Sun Goddess, the stock market in Japan has gone down. It’s never come up since.