Vision America’s Rick Scarborough offers his views on the Republican’s devastating losses in last week’s election, saying that, despite all the work he and others on the Right put in trying to help the GOP, it was clear that those efforts would fall short.  So resigned to the loss was Scarborough that he says he “went to bed early Tuesday night and slept soundly.”

But try as he might to appear nonchalant about the loss, Scarborough couldn’t help but attack the voters for the devastation they have unwittingly unleashed

I once heard Adrian Rogers say that the reward for unrighteous living is unrighteous leaders, and that is exactly what God seems to be giving us for this time.

Values Voters in America have been betrayed and we stand on the precipice of grave judgment if America does not repent. Radical Islam may be the tool that God uses to perfect His judgment upon a nation that began with such hope for the world, but one which has squandered it all in one generation of self indulgence. There is increasing public awareness of how radical Islam is preparing for all out Jihad on American soil.

So death prevails in America. The most innocent among us are now in jeopardy, while the Church sleeps on. This is not unusual, it has been going on for more than fifty years…but the stakes are now exponentially higher. Why? Because for the first time, it wasn’t JUDGES MANDATING IT BUT RATHER IT WAS VOTED ON BY THE PEOPLE…AND THE CHURCH STOOD BY AND LET IT HAPPEN!!!! 

But Scarborough is not utterly demoralized.  In fact, he holds out hope that the Democrats will so ruin this country that “values voters” will finally realize just what a horrible mistake they have made

It is entirely possible that to have liberal values being pushed on our nation by Congress for the next two years may be the best thing that could happen, although a very hard lesson for us to go through. It will show people a stark difference between conservative values and liberal values, and should motivate values voters to show up in even greater numbers the next time we have the God-given privilege to select our leaders again.