‘The Blood of Martyrs’ Predicted Following Hate-Crimes Protections

Flying in the face of direct language in the hate-crimes bill – which expands protections against violent crime, and does not apply to speech or religious practice – the Religious Right continues to base its opposition to the bill on the claim that pastors will somehow be “jailed” for “biblical preaching.” “Don’t Muzzle Our Pulpits!” they shout. Christians won’t be able to “even mention the name of God,” we hear.

Rick Scarborough, in the midst of his 70-week “Patriot Pastor” tour, has naturally embraced this false rhetoric. “I assure you that homosexual activists are quietly rejoicing over the open season their lawyers and allies are about to enjoy with those of us who are visible in the pro-family movement,” he wrote recently.

His latest newsletter offers a prediction: The same day the bill becomes law, “open persecution” of religious-right activists “will begin.” Scarborough further warns that those who do not lobby against the bill through his web site or contribute to his organization will have blood on their hands – “the blood of martyrs”:

Mark this down; the day that this law becomes federal statute, the open persecution of major conservative broadcast ministries like Focus on the Family and D. James Kennedy will begin, and it will not end until it arrives at a church near you. If you want to avoid having the blood of martyrs on your hands, then join tens of thousands of other Americans who still hold to the truths of God’s Word and click here to send a message to your senators and President Bush that you do not want this legislation. Finally, please click here and make the largest contribution you can to Vision America Action, our 501C4, to assist us in fighting this battle.