‘That Belongs to Us’: Pastor Terri Pearsons Calls on God to Give Republicans Control of U.S. House and the White House

Televangelist Kenneth Copeland’s Eagle Mountain International Church held a service Wednesday night that was dedicated entirely to praying for the results of the 2020 election. During the service, Copeland’s daughter and Eagle Mountain Senior Pastor Terri Pearsons delivered an extended prayer calling on God to give Republicans control of the House of Representatives, which is currently projected to remain under Democratic control.

Pearsons said there are various ways for Republicans to gain control of the House, from winning enough seats in the election, to having Democratic members die or resign while in office, to having God move in the hearts of Democrats to switch parties.

“We take hold of every seat, Lord, that you assigned,” Pearsons declared. “Lord, somehow we are asking you to move that to a majority for righteousness. … And I’m asking you to strip Nancy Pelosi of her position there and reduce that majority to a minority, in the name of Jesus. We ask you, and we agree together and declare that the House becomes a majority of righteous representation.”

“Lord, whatever it takes to bring that to pass, we lay hold of a majority,” she continued. “In the name of Jesus, we take it. You said whatsoever we asked for; that’s ours to ask for. That’s ours to ask for. That belongs to us. So, we take it. We take that House for a righteous majority.”

“Lord, we asked for 220 seats, righteous voting seats, in the name of Jesus,” Pearsons said. “No less than 220 righteous voting seats. We call it.”

Pearsons then called on Democratic members of the House to “just quit and go do something else” so their seats can be filled by Republicans, or switch parties.

“I’m calling for some party switchers in Jesus’s name,” she proclaimed. “I want you to get a list of every Democrat representative in the House and call them out and pray for them by name. We pray for their salvation. Some of them may be saved. Well, if they are, they need to wake up because saved people don’t kill babies. Saved people read their Bibles.”

“I call you in now,” Pearsons announced. “We call you in because the love of God, if you want to keep your job, you got to come to the Lord. I claim the House. I claim the House. We take the House. We take the House. We take the House. We take the House. We take the big house. We’re taking the big house. In the name of Jesus, we’re taking the big house, the White House.”