Terry Hopes To Run Graphic Anti-Choice Ads During Super Bowl

Last week we noted that Randall Terry had hatched a plan to recruit dozens of anti-choice activists to run for political office in 2012 in order to exploit a loophole that prohibits broadcasters from refusing to run ads from candidates seeking office or from censoring such ads “in any way, or for any reason,” thereby allowing them to run graphic anti-choice ads on television stations all over the country.

Anti-choice activist Jill Stanek reports that she “excited about this” and thinks the plan has “great potential,” especially since Terry assured her that the candidates they support will be “credible and articulate.”

Stanek also reports that Terry has big plans for this own presidential campaign as he intends to try and exploit this loophole in order to get his graphic ads on the air during the Super Bowl:

Terry is considering a run for president specifically with the goal to air a graphic abortion ad during the big game in 2012. Terry’s back-up plan if unable to raise enough funds, estimated at $2.5-3 million, would be to run his ad during either the AFC or NFC championship game two weeks prior.

This one I’m a little more hesitant about, although a lengthy conversation with Terry alleviated many of my misgivings.

One is Terry’s penchant for showmanship, but he assured me 100 percent of his ad would be dedicated to the atrocity of abortion.

Another is a concern for financial accountability, particularly for what may be a massive amount of donations. The names on Terry’s finance committee would be critical here.

Misgivings aside, running a graphic abortion ad during the Super Bowl would indeed be a pro-life activist’s “coup de grace,” as Terry said.